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Get Simple

I heard it said the other day that experts take complicated concepts and make them simple, while amateurs take simple concepts and complicate them.  That thought stuck with me for several days.  And, I noticed something that might just be a key to the fulfillment of all our desires. Read more

Inspired by Failure

What would you do if everything you worked your whole life for came down to one minute, one task, one event?  How would you handle that pressure?  What would you do if your dream, your success hinged on your performance in that minute?  And, what would you do if you failed?

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Are You Living Life on Purpose?

Most people go through life hoping and wishing for more.  Many look back on their life with regret.  The truth is life is what we make of it.  Life is the story we tell ourselves.  Either you control that story, your life, or someone else does. It is important to make your life what you want it to be, intentionally.  It is important to be intentional about the story we tell ourselves.  It is important to live life on purpose.

The Danger of Goals

Listen to or read any of the success gurus and it won’t be long before they mention goals.  Goals are important, no doubt.  But, like most tools, they can be dangerous, too. Read more

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Have you ever stopped to look at your life, really look at your life? Have you ever taken the time to look back and examine all of your success, big and small?  Have you ever taken the time to review your failures?  I think if you do, you’ll find that they all have one thing in common. Read more

Live with Passion

Have you ever heard someone suggest that you should live life with passion?  What image does that conjure up for you?  A life of bliss?  A life of joy?  A life you love to live?  Wouldn’t it be great to live a life like that?  A life full of bliss and joy, a life you love.  I think it is something that most of us strive for, that type of life.  At the same time though we try to avoid the very things that will help us get that life.   Read more

Lessons from Lyrics: Hold on Loosely, But Don’t Let Go.

One of my favorite songs in “Hold on Loosely” by .38-Special.  As a boy I liked the song because of the sound.  As I grew older I began to like the song because of the lyrics.  My favorite lyric in the song:  “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go.  If you cling too tightly your going to lose control.”  I think those words speak to the power of detachment. Read more

Busy Doing What?

Everyone seems to be busy.  I talk to clients every day who are busy.  I am busy.  I’m sure you are busy, too.  The question is busy doing what?  Are we busy living a life on purpose, or busy checking things off our list?  In his book 7-How many days can be extraordinary, Dan Zadra recounts a study in which people were asked what they would do with an extra day each week.  The answer most people gave… Read more

Do You Have A Vision For Your Day

Many of us are so caught up in checking things off our list each day that we really aren’t intentional about living each day.  It’s the difference between strategy and tactics.  We wake up in the morning and we get going.  And, we go, go, go until it’s time to crash at night.  Then we wake up one day wondering where our life has gone.

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How Sir Isaac Newton Can Help You With Your Goals

In my previous three posts I discussed how Newton’s laws of motion may be affecting the achievement of your goals. In this post, I’ll discuss how to put the three laws to work for you. Read more